Mentoring Coaching Hackney Launch Event 19th July 2018

Mentoring/Coaching Hackney is a project that offers local individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with local, skilled and experienced coaches and mentors for free (Each coach or mentor will offer a minimum of 4 hours to support that individual or entrepreneur).

We will be recruiting, training and developing local successful professionals and business owners to become mentors/coaches and match them with local individuals and entrepreneurs that are looking for employment, apprenticeships or volunteering opportunities or starting and growing their businesses. Our targets:

  • Engage with 50 local individuals and entrepreneurs who are looking for employment or to start/grow a business.
  • Recruit 12 local volunteer mentors and coaches.
  • Run 3 mentors/coaches induction into/development sessions
  • Help/mentor/coach 15 beneficiaries into employment/self-employment, volunteering or apprenticeship opportunities
  • Mentor 10 existing businesses under 5 years.
  • Run 4 personal development or enterprise workshops, including networking events.
  • Set up an ongoing membership Mentoring/Coaching Community Club called ‘Mentoring/Coaching Hackney’ where local people including local businesses, coaches/mentors can meet on regular basis.

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